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Effective, memorable & FUN education and training for Jacksonville businesses

We hear it time and time again from managers at companies in Jacksonville. You've been searching online and asking colleagues if they know of someone GOOD to come in and help your company with its education and training needs. Finding that resource has been tough.

Until today. Your search is over. Our training division, Corporate Explorer Training, is one of the fastest growing employee training program companies in the country. We're successful because we're different.

Our Jacksonville Employee Training Programs

All Training Programs

All Training Programs

Educational corporate training programs. These are effective, memorable and fun employee training programs, designed to have the most impact while still generating smiles and laughter amongst your group.

Our Jacksonville Employee Training Programs

We offer 2 styles of training programs.

Memorable Business Simulations. These programs are a ton of fun and will provide tools to overcome the daily issues that are impacting morale and job satisfaction. People will build new bonds, increase trust in one another, become better communicators and listeners, embrace change, and learn to resolve conflict better.

Effective Skill Training Modules. These programs focus on specific skill training, and are delivered in a way your team won't expect. Rather than handouts, powerpoints and boredom, our training is designed to be experiential, interactive and engaging. Barriers fall and resistance fades away when your people actually enjoy the training!

Our Unique Approach to Skills Training

Our approach to creating valuable programs your team will love is a product of studying the most effective training methods over the last 2 decades. We've found that great content delivered with energy in a lively and fun way boosts employee morale, job satisfaction, and retention levels.

Add to this the fact that a trained staff is more efficient, brings in more revenue, and is better able to adapt to a changing business environment and it's a no-brainer that educational programs should be a part of any top-flight company's corporate culture.

Our skills training and development programs are:

1. EFFECTIVE ... They do what they say they will do, guaranteed.

2. MEMORABLE ... Because of our uncommon experiential approach, people vividly recall our training programs.

3. AND FUN! As a rule, people are more receptive to training that is entertaining and enjoyable. Corporate Explorer Training programs are filled with unexpected simulations, activities and interaction. These serve to keep attendees completely engaged.

Get the employee training and development help you need today!

Contact our team at 1-877-713-7238 to discuss what type of training and development challenges you're having, and experience for yourself why people responsible for contracting employee training programs at the most successful companies in Jacksonville trust us with their corporate training needs.

Whether you have a large group of 100 plus staff, or a small team of senior executives, we can help. Need a detailed proposal right away? That's our specialty.

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