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Our Team - Savannah Duggan

Meet Savannah Duggan

Administrative Assistant, dedicated scholar, and inspired explorer.

Travel plays a significant role in Savannah's life. She has spent a considerable amount of time in South Africa — where she's originally from — and enjoys the culture and lifestyle in Europe. One day, she envisions herself living in rural Ireland, filling her days with books, warm drinks, and baked goods.

It goes without saying that Savannah has an adventurous spirit. She trained professionally in ballet for 15 years, touring in Europe and the UK. She holds a blue belt in karate, does Muay Thai kickboxing, and enjoys aerial silk gymnastics. She also loves hiking, and has trekked the famous Camino Frances backpacking expedition through France and Spain. If you have any recommendations, she is always on the lookout for her next great adventure!

Professionally, Savannah is also an accomplished academic. She holds degrees in communications and psychology and is working towards completing a PhD.