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Our Team - Melissa Bowen

Meet Melissa Bowen

Employee Engagement Consultant, mountaineer, and competitive soccer player.

Melissa is one of the biggest sports fans you’ll meet, and she enjoys being involved in athletics as much as she enjoys cheering from the sidelines. Growing up, she tried everything from volleyball to swimming, but found her true calling on the soccer field. Over the course of a decade, she played competitive soccer in both high school and university.

When she wasn’t scoring goals for her team on the field, Melissa enjoyed getting to travel to new places for her schoolwork. As part of her grad school, for example, Melissa did a semester abroad in Sweden. Since then, she has visited dozens of countries across multiple continents, and hopes to continue travelling through the next stages of her life.

Outside of her work as an Employee Engagement Consultant, Melissa enjoys mountaineering, skiing, cooking, and camping. If she’s not in the office, Melissa is probably out enjoying the sunshine somewhere nearby.